Slash your telecoms costs with Internet Telephony


Ready to start saving significant sums on your telecommunications? It’s all possible courtesy of the 3CX IP telephony solution from AK Telecoms.¬†Internet protocol telephony allows you to totally transform your telecoms network into a seamless system, allowing your business to deliver enhanced customer service whilst at the same time reducing your bottom line.

As an open platform, the 3CX internet phone system works harmoniously with all popular SIP trunks and IP phones, whether in the cloud or on-premise. 3CX users enjoy exceptional savings on their telephone bills, as well as reduced capital outlay when purchasing, maintaining and expanding a VoIP phone system. Host in the cloud and choose self-hosting to achieve a low monthly fee per PBX compared to a costly per-extension monthly charge.

How would you like to cut your phone bill by up to 80%?


It’s all possible with 3CX internet telephony from AK Telecoms. If you employ remote workers then this solution really is for you, as calls made on the go and inter-office calls are free of charge courtesy of the 3CX mobile app which transforms your smartphone into a softphone.

This really is one of the most sophisticated telecoms management systems, allowing you to connect the telephone systems of office based and remote locations with ease. With streamlined communications comes boosted customer service, perfect for enhancing brand reputation and competitive edge.

  • Improve overseas relations with international direct dial numbers
  • Connect remote offices and get rid of inter-office call charges
  • Reduce monthly call costs courtesy of SIP trunks
  • Free office calls for on-the-go teams

An open-platform PBX that’s scalable and affordable


In business, nothing stands still. You might be experiencing rapid periods of growth, then something happens and you need to scale back temporarily. With a traditional phone system, scaling doesn’t come easy. Boost up and licensing costs can escalate. Look to scale back and you could find you’re locked into a contract that doesn’t offer any flexibility, leaving you paying through the nose for extensions and minutes you just don’t need. Not the case with 3CX!

  • Self-host via your own cloud provider, or run on your own Windows or Linux hardware
  • Say goodbye to per-extension licensing and hello to a single, low-cost price per PBX
  • Self manage easily with no need for additional training
  • Choose your ideal IP phones and SIP trunks

Switch time consuming travel for convenient web conferencing


The ultimate remote working solution, web conferencing makes it possible to connect, communicate and collaborate face-to-face any time, any place without any need to travel. Meet with international clients; talk to colleagues in overseas offices; work together as a team without being in the same room. It’s all possible thanks to the leading edge WebRTC-based technology that powers 3CX WebMeeting.

  • No more costly web conferencing platforms
  • All 3CX users licensed without charge
  • No monthly subscription fees