Time to take control of your phone system With On-Premise VoIP or Cloud


The beauty of 3CX is that it’s an open platform VoIP phone system. This means it’s flexible enough to work with any popular IP phone and SIP trunk, whether in the cloud, or on-premise. 3CX is a simple and affordable solution that wipes out all the costs and management hassle associated with traditional phone systems, and eliminates the boundaries that come with a shared cloud PBX.

With 3CX, freedom is yours. Freedom of where to locate your PBX. Freedom to choose which SIP trunks or IP phones you want to use. And freedom from tricky set up. Not only can 3CX be set up in just minutes, it also delivers considerable cost savings on your phone system in the realm of thousands of pounds per year.

  • Plug and play IP phones, gateways and SIP trunks
  • No licensing fee per extension
  • Choose your own SIP trunk and save thousands of pounds on phone calls
  • Free for unlimited extensions, PRO Edition free to try for 40 days



It’s totally your call where you choose to run 3CX. Whether it’s on an existing server user VMware, KVM or Hyper-V, or for smaller installations on Raspberry Pi or PBX appliance from Intel NUC, Shuttle, Zotac Zbox or Gigabyte, it’s a breeze to move your phone system to another service or into the cloud using the integrated backup and restore function.

  • Fully scalable installation
  • Virtualise with KVM, Hyper-V or VMware
  • Run on a low cost Raspberry Pi or MiniPC PBX appliance

In the cloud


Again, the choice is yours where you host 3CX. Self-host with leading cloud providers on a standard Linux VPS if that’s your preference. Forget long, costly contracts. All you pay is a low monthly cost per PBX instead of an over-inflated price per extension. Alternatively you can outsource to a manged 3CX hosting partner.

  • Self-host on Microsoft Azure, Amazon Lightsail, Google Cloud and more
  • Move your hosted PBX easily between cloud providers with integrated backup & restore
  • Launch your 3CX in minutes using the PBX express tool