AK Telecoms Dedicated Leased

Faster, Fully Managed &
Supported Round the Clock

Businesses are becoming more and more dependent on the internet for a vast array of tasks, especially in today’s remote working and cloud-based working environment. From internet based telecoms to virtual conferencing, web chat and eCommerce, the need for a business to be online 24/7 is very real.

If you’re finding that your fibre optic broadband isn’t keeping pace with your connectivity needs, thankfully there is a solution. And that comes in the shape of a dedicated leased line, a private circuit between your premises and the internet.

Why Opt for a
AK Telcoms Dedicated Leased Line?


There are numerous benefits in choosing a dedicated leased line to deliver your high speed internet:

  • Highly competitive pricing
  • Fast and resilient connection
  • Guaranteed upload and download speeds
  • No drop in speed during peak times
  • Fully-managed service – issues auto-detected & fixed
  • Backed by Service Level Agreements
  • No sharing of bandwidth with other users
  • Full flexibility to increase and decrease bandwidth as required
  • 24-hour support with a 5-hour response time
  • Supports VoIP telephony for excellent cost savings

AK Telecoms Fibre Broadband or Leased Line?


At AK Telecom Solutions, we make it our business to ensure you select the internet service that’s right for you. Whether you opt for a leased line, or one of our fibre services, will be down to your specific needs and budget.

If you are already finding that your fibre broadband is just not delivering what you need however, then it could be time to switch to a dedicated leased line. With a fully managed service that detects and fixes issues so you never have to report a problem yourself, to Service Level Agreements that guarantee your money back if they’re not met, this is the type of service that provides the ultimate in reassurance and peace of mind. Not to mention the highest possible internet speeds.

Why not talk to the experts at AK Telecom today to discover how a leased line internet service could benefit your business?