App-Free Video Conferencing


When you’ve used a video conferencing platform in the past, you probably recall having to download an app or create an account. This takes time, not to mention presents a security risk or takes up valuable space on your device. Enter 3CX video conferencing: app-free, with no user limits.

This is a simple to use system that makes it easy for you to invite participants to your virtual meeting without having to provide frustrating instructions on how to sign up for an account or download an app. It couldn’t be any easier!

  • High quality video and voice communications via your web browser
  • Seamlessly join meetings without the need for downloads or accounts
  • One-click conferencing, because simple is always best

Unlimited users, no extra costs


Monthly subscription fees? User limits? Not with 3CX. This is a platform that offers pricing based on the number of participants rather than per-user licensing. With 3CX video conferencing, monthly costs become a thing of the past in favour of a single, affordable yearly payment, so you always know where you are with expenditure.

Enjoy all the features your business needs to hold one-to-one meetings, webinars, training courses, sales presentations or brainstorming sessions. Set up online meeting rooms in just a few clicks and invite users to join using any device: mobile or desktop.

  • Screen and document sharing
  • Meeting reports auto-emailed at meeting close
  • Polling tool for meeting feedback

Enhance customer service & conversions with Live Chat & Talk


Running a WordPress website? It’s easy to add live chat support to your site courtesy of the 3CX Live Chat & Talk WordPress plugin. Allow visitors to connect with you in a single click. Answer questions, route¬† customers to the right places and watch those conversions go through the roof! Live Chat & Talk is a powerful plugin that allows you to connect visitors to your phone system free of charge using leading edge WebRTC technology.

Not running WordPress? No problem. This plugin is available for any CMS, even bespoke platforms. And the best part? The plugin is absolutely free with your 3CX phone system, and so are the calls and chats. Amazing!

  • Capture web visitors in real time and provide the help they need to make a purchase
  • Transform visitors into leads faster and more efficiently
  • Elevate chats to voice or video calls seamlessly
  • Boost customer satisfaction, increase conversions and increase response times

The ultimate in streamlined communications


There’s nothing more frustrating for a customer than having to explain something over and over to different customer service agents. With 3CX, agents are able to see all the information they need in one central location, so customers never have to repeat themselves again. This really is the ultimate in customer service, and the best way to cement a brand’s reputation.

  • Chat, voice call and video call from a single interface
  • All communications shared across all agents
  • Cost savings – one single payment per system per year
  • Time savings – training for a single system rather than multiple platforms