Take your business comms to the next level with Unified Communications


A phone system running on Unified Communications (UC) brings together an array of comms methods within a business, offering massive advantages. By unifying everything from phone calls and video conferencing to email, SMS and live chat, users gets to access and share all the available data from a single location. This is incredibly empowering for the business owner, enhancing competitive edge, mobility, collaboration, brand reputation and productivity.

The 3CX Unified Communications solution from AK Telecoms has the ability to transform business communications, elevating even the smallest organisation to the next level. This is a simple, flexible and, best of all, affordable solution with integrated collaboration tools that come as standard. Choose on-premise or cloud-based for the ultimate in flexibility with no need to purchase any extras or add-ons.

What are your colleagues doing right now?


There are huge benefits amongst team colleagues when they can see each others’ status. No more voicemail tags, or wasted call transfers that cause frustration for customers. And for the worker who’s concentrating on that impending deadline, the do not disturb status is a massive boon.

With 3X Unified Communications, current status can be seen from all the apps: Web, Windows, Android and iOS.

Inbox me


Merge three methods of communication into one with Fax-to-Email and Voicemail-to-Email. With everything in your inbox, you’ve got all you need right in front of you, accessible wherever and whenever you need it.

  • Incoming faxes converted to PDFs and forwarded to email – no need for a fax server
  • Voicemails converted to sound files and sent to email – no need to call in to listen to messages
  • A much easier way to manage multiple lines of communication

Real time chat


3CX empowers teams to communicate without any need to rely on third party messaging systems or exchange personal phone numbers. Send and receive messages via any 3CX app: Web Windows, iOS and Android, any time, any place.

Chat with website visitors in real time, instantly answer queries and enhance customer service. It’s all possible with 3CX Unified Communications.