Go Mobile with Android and iOS VoIP Apps


Ready to set your telecommunications free? Thanks to VoIP and smartphone flexibility, you’re no longer restricted by your mobile phone provider. Now, with a 3CX business VoIP app for Android or iOS, you get to take your office extension anywhere you go. Answer calls to your office phone via your smartphone wherever you may be, seamlessly and professionally. There’s also the option to transfer calls to colleagues, without the need to ask callers to re-dial; something that’s never been great for the business image.

With 3CX from AK Telecoms, you get both Android and iOS business VoIP all included in your package. So you can boost productivity, work remotely in harmony and, best of all, make sure you never miss another crucial business call!

Best in class Android and iOS VoIP apps


The Android and iOS apps used by the 3CX system are constantly updated and rigorously tested, so you can rest assured of best performance at all times. What’s more, there’s an integrated tunnel that sidesteps firewall problems. This means that whenever you make calls from WiFi or 3G or 4G networks, you get a highly reliable service every time. Even better, both apps support PUSH notifications, which means yo get to save device battery life too.

  • No additional licensing costs
  • PUSH notifications save battery life
  • Best in class Android and iOS VoIP softphones
  • Integrated SIP tunnel / proxy avoids firewall issues

A business phone extension you can use any time, any place


The beauty of the 3CX VoIP apps is that they allow you to make and receive calls from your business extension wherever you are. No need to give out your mobile number any more. All you need is your business line, and clients, customers and contacts are able to reach you any time, whether you’re working from the office, from the coffee shop or from home.

You also get to set your status, so it’s clear for all to see whether or not you’re on hand to take a call.

  • Make and receive calls using your smartphone, with no mobile network charges
  • Set your status to out of office, away or available so colleagues know your availability
  • Check the status of your individual team colleagues
  • One number, multiple locations

A system that couldn’t be easier to set-up and manage


Simple to set up and manage, the 3CX Android and iOS apps also offer exceptional security. Both can be auto-provisioned by the easy to navigate 3CX Management Console and, thanks to the integrated tunnel, there’s no firewall problems for complete reliability.

  • Totally hassle-free configuration using a QR code
  • Tunnel encryption facility for secure communication
  • SIP forking allows multiple phones to ring at the same time so you can choose where to take your call