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It is difficult to find an enterprise that doesn’t use VoIP nowadays. Even SMEs are using this technology to streamline communication and improve internal and external collaboration.

The technology can provide a multitude of benefits only if supplied by a reliable cloud VoIP service provider in the UK. One of the significant benefits observed is the improvement in mobility and accessibility. Let’s take a closer look at how modern VoIP systems impact business mobility.

Internal Mobility

In a business environment, it is pretty standard for employees to leave their desks and become unreachable. This is where business VoIP changes things. If an employee has a smart device with Wi-Fi on it, they can receive calls and important messages on the go.

VoIP supports a protocol called SIP, which is integrated into a corporate system. The SIP is installed on the smart device held by the employee. As long as that smart device is connected to the corporate network, it will act as an extension of the primary telephone line.

The employee can make and receive calls like they do at their desk. Depending on the features of the VoIP device, they can even conduct voice, video and conference calls. This greatly helps businesses improve their profile because employees can now promptly answer calls without being physically present at their desks.

External Mobility

In the past, businesses found it generally difficult to monitor and manage staff on the road. However, widespread internet access, both public and private, has dramatically changed that.

Again, if the employee has a smart device commissioned by the company with the appropriate SIP or software, they can contact the office business VoIP system using a public Wi-Fi network. In addition, they can secure the connection using a VPN if they need to provide sensitive information back to the workplace.

For example, on-the-road sales staff can immediately update stock levels and availability upon the successful completion of the sale.

To extract the maximum benefits of a VoIP system, you must connect with the right service provider who can assist you with all the right technology, hardware and software. Unfortunately, finding one can be difficult, and you must do your due diligence in selecting one that is reliable and professional.

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